Breastfeeding Consultant

If you feel that something is not going on well with breastfeeding, ask for help! I offer breastfeeding consultancy services both online and face to face so you can choose what fits with your (probably crazy ) schedules. Breastfeeding consultancy is also wonderful before having your baby to learn about the basics of breastfeeding and in other situations like coming back to work or weaning. 

why and when IS breastfeeding support needed?

Do I need a Breastfeeding Consultant?

Your body and your baby are perfect. But sometimes starting to breastfeed or be successful with it is not that easy (keep reading to discover why).

You MUST consult a breastfeeding specialist if ANY of the following is happening: you have pain while breastfeeding, your baby is not growing over the birth weight on the first 15 days of life or if you have the feeling that things are not going as you expect. 

You can have a face-to-face breastfeeding consultation, but I’ve found that many times online consultations work just as well to boost breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding SHALL NEVER CAUSE PAIN. Not at the beginnings nor at the endings. This is an old myth and if you have pain, you MUST check it with a professional.

If the baby is not gaining back birth weight, you need to check if everything is ok (posture, latching, milk transfer…). 

If, by any reason, you’re using bottles and breastfeeding and you want to go 100% breastfeed only, you MUST do it under professional supervision.

Your breast is more than a way of nurture for your baby: he or she feels at home and safe there. But if your baby is always anxious or grumpy, we can check if everything is ok. 

And that’s just OK. It will be nice to check with a breastfeeding consultant everything and get guided about what to do next. 

A breastfeeding consultant will help you and your baby to have the most respectful weaning possible with no breast obstruction or any other problems. 

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Do I need a lactation consultant?

Leave the hospital with a newborn and get home… emotions are indescribable. With breastfeeding still not set at 100% and those emotions on the surface,…

My Breastfeeding (Love) Story

My breastfeeding story started like many others: with difficult times, stress, doubts and many, many questions. With a plus: my baby was in NICU. Here’s…
suction, grip and transfer check
posture improvement
psychological support & Sisterhood
how does a breastfeeding consultant help?

Empowering Mother Nature

Your baby is made to be breastfeed. Your boobs are perfect for your baby. Then… why is breastfeeding so difficult sometimes? 

We have a lack of referents in our family and friends tribes. Also, some healthcare professionals have outdated knowledge about breastfeeding and that does not help at all. 

80% of the times we identify suction, grip or bridle problems during the breastfeeding consultancy session. Also we check the breastfeeding posture to improve it. And at every session we enjoy a quite time of psychological support and sisterhood. 

how much does a breastfeeding consultancy cost?

Breastfeeding Consultancy Packages


Online Consultation


3xOnline Consultations


At (your) home Consultation


3xFace to Face Consultations

A Story of Sucdesfull Breastfeeding
my breastfeeding journey

It wasn't easy for us neither

My son spent a week after birth in NICU. And after 20 days at home, he had to go back. Starting with breastfeeding was not easy for us neither… But we have been doing it now for 2+ years. Read more about our breastfeeding love story in the blog.

my breastfeeding mamas say


After my emergency c-section we asked María if she could come to the hospital to help us with breastfeeding, she came and checked that everything was perfect. It was a HUGE relief for me, and she made me believe back in myself and my #mumpower!
Reeta testimonial of breastfeeding consultancy in Espoo
Reeta, 29, 1st baby
As I did not breastfeed my first baby, I had too many fears when the second arrived. I was blessed of having María with me as my breastfeeding consultant. She really empowered me and point me on the right direction about what to expect, and to do.
alba, 33 years, 2nd baby
I was in trouble with breastfeding because the hospital where I gave birth to my son did not helped us at all... I did online sessions with María and she helped us a lot on getting on track. She was always available for my questions! 3 months after we achieve exclusive breastfeeding!
Soledad, 32, 1st baby
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