Keys to know if you need a lactation consultant

Do I need a lactation consultant?

Leave the hospital with a newborn and get home… emotions are indescribable. With breastfeeding still not set at 100% and those emotions on the surface, what warning signs should listen to see if you need to call a lactation consultant? Let’s see.

Breastfeeding: How can You Know that All is Going Well

Rather than make a list of potential “problems” with breastfeeding, I like to talk about signs that all is well. We already have too many burdens, guilt, fear … postpartum as above, be watching “negative” signals. Because emotions and fragile self-esteem, we will find insurance.

So here, what signals tell us that breastfeeding is going well?

  • Baby pee and poo with regularity
  • Poo is mustard-colored and with little lumps.
  • The baby does not lose more than 10% of its weight before leaving the hospital (although this percentage is recently in debate).
  • The baby gain weight and regain birth weight in the first 15 days of life.
  • Other signs that all is well is that the baby has high demand (eat little, but very often), the breast calm him or her (they are not frustrated, often snagging and disengaging, weep for all take…).

When to Call the Lactation Consultant

The answer is very easy:

  1. When any of the signs that all is well will not be giving
  2. IF ANY soreness when breastfeeding.
  3. Or when, BY ANY REASON, the mother feels she needs support, is overwhelmed, she does not have things clear…

That is, we can go to a lactation consultant for physical / physiological feeling that something is wrong, or just because psychological symptoms. I like to say that in the postpartum period, which is less need to be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.

Better ask for help for something that will end up being nothing than to make a big ball of something that could have been solved with the right help at the right moment…

And, about point number two, I do not tire of repeating: #BreastfeedingisNOTPainful